Drupal is becoming the #1 OpenSource CMS choice in the market, and perhaps, soon to surpass leading choices such as Joomla and Mamboo. With over 1000 different modules, it is, by far, the easiest CMS framework to extend and use for non-technical users to hard-core developers.

The Drupal team has been doing an incredible job in the past years, making the framework more robust, easier to install, use and expand, and their efforts have not go unnoticed. Drupal's community of users continues growing, placing more demands on the expected features of future releases. The Drupal team is working hard making the next generation of Drupal a reality for everyone.

We believe that the key for maximizing any Drupal installation, is for the Drupal administrator being able to expand their CMS implementation with the set of additional features that don't come with the base core installation of Drupal. Extending Drupal's functionality can be done either by writing a new module, which the Drupal team has provided APIs (Application Programming Interface) for, or by finding an existing Drupal extension module produced by members of the community.

While the Drupal team is working on delivering new releases with richer set of features, we want to help the Drupal community by facilitating a place where Drupal modules may be searched for by different criterias.

The Druplet team.